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The Problem of Studying Self-Determination of Personality in the Domestic Psychological Science

The article presents the analysis of the current domestic research of the problem of self-determination of personality. It is shown that the peculiarities of the domestic concept of self-determination is the synthesis of foreign experience and our own developments in the field of motivation, self-regulation and subjectivity. In domestic studies it is shown that adolescence is sensitive in the development of self-determination, but there are not enough studies of its ontogenetic features, revealing basic conditions, mechanisms and prerequisites of development.

Tensometric Investigation Into the Peculiarities of Functioning of the Perceptional and Emotional Spheres of a Learner

The article describes the results of the study that aimed at establishing the psychological features of the relationship between the accuracy of tactile perception and the features of the functioning of the emotional sphere of students. The study involved 120 subjects aged 5–50. The hypothesis predicting that the accuracy of the tactile perception and the emotional status of the students are interrelated was confirmed in the the study. The direct average correlation was established, with a significance level of 0.66 (Pearson coefficient).

Contradictory Development of Individuality: B. G. Ananiev’s Conception

The article offers the analysis of individuality conception formulated in the works of B.G. Ananiev. It is stated that the Ananiev's concept of individuality has two inseparably connected meanings: individuality as an inner world of individuality and as a system integrity of human qualities – as of a person, individuality, subject of activity and content of inner world. The contradictoriness which defines the development of individuality is displayed and its causes are exposed.