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The problem of privacy in a digital society of swarm intelligence

Introduction. The development of digital technologies requires the specification of the type of the emerging digital society. One of the development scenarios is the formation of a digital society of swarm intelligence. Theoretical analysis. The concept of swarm intelligence means an optimization algorithm that imitates the behavior of swarms or colonies of insects and bird flocks.

Healthy Life-style and Social Risks

The paper investigates social risks in the context of healthy life-style. The concept of risks for health is introduced as an independent and significant notion. We separate and analyze ecological, economical, industrial, technological, cultural risks for health, which are conditioned by the peculiarities of modern social development. It is shown that social risks may be personal as well, as communal, in which case we speak about participation of an individual in the venturesome communal social practices. Among the personal risks we mark consumer and behavioral ones.

The Dynamics of Value Orientations of the Creative Elite in a Risk Society

In this article the author makes an attempt to determine the reasons for the loss of civilizational identity, coupled with the loss of the previous values and social certainty. He is trying to figure out the role played by the creative elite in shaping the cultural identification attitudes of society in modern Russia. The article traces the dynamics of formation and development of Russian identity in the transition period. Analyzes the direction and nature of the state of social dynamics.

The Individual in Modern Society : Life Strategies, Values, Risks (round table materials)

Междисциплинарные исследования весьма актуальной темы «Личность в пространстве рисков» в научном сообществе философов, психологов, педагогов Саратовского университета имеют свою предысторию. В сентябре 2008 г. был проведен «круглый стол» по теме «Личность в группах риска», где обсуждались философские и психологические проблемы рискогенного поведения личности, выдвигались разные модели групп риска, выяснялись соотношение коллективных и индивидуальных рисков, возможные сценарии управления ситуациями риска в малых группах.

Spiritual Foundations of Political Order in Russia and China Experience

Article is devoted to the influence of spiritual foundations of the political order and modernization development companies. In the center is a comparative analysis of historical experience and prospects of Russia and China. The article is devoted to the impact of spiritual foundations on the political order and development of society in terms of modernization. Historical experience and prospects of Russia and China are in the center of the comparative analysis.

Risks and Potential of Internet Socialization of Youth

This article is devoted the analysis of Internet socialization of modern youth which on the one hand reproduces lines of real socialization, and with another – new ways and forms of social consolidation, opening a society as potential, and risks.

Power and Communication Strategy in a Modernizing Society: in Conditions of Risks

The article analyzes the communication strategies of the authorities in the conditions of modernization of the society. Communication is the base of modernization. We should speak about decision-making and consensus models in the conditions of growing riskogenicity changes.