Philosophical Aspect of Perceiving Landscapes as Sceneries

The article deals with the philosophical aspect of perceiving landscapes and reflecting the same in sceneries. The author pays particular attention to landscape and scenery research methodology, this methodology covering interdisciplinarity, synergy and convergence alongside with mental and sacral nature of these phenomena.

Impact of Media Information on Consciousness and Behaviour of Younger School Students in the Context of Judicial and Psychological Examination

The article is devoted to the analysis of media impact on behavior and consciousness of younger school students. On the one hand, the problem calls for the need of research of the character of media impact on consciousness and behavior of younger school students, and, on the other hand, this issue has been studied insufficiently so far.

The Problem of Complexity of the Universe: “The Grand Design” or Perceptual Aberration?

The hypothesis is that complication of the theoretical apparatus of fundamental science is caused not by the very nature of reality itself, but by a perceptual aberration. Such an aspect of the problem as stratification of an object in various information coding systems is revealed. The same object (the same quality, property, relation) can be duplicated in various coding systems that creates the illusion of different objects (different qualities, properties, relations). Diverse aspects of the object itself do not coincide with the variety of ways of its coding in our cognitive means.

The Problem of «Self» Studies’ Condition in Early XX Century: Scientific Introspection Data

The research expands an analysis of the problem of the «self»
phenomenon research undertaken by an American psychologist
M. W. Calkins in 1915. Her contemporary psychologists evaded the
«self» justifying by that the scientific psychology had failed to detect it.


В статье изложены результаты сравнения двух проведенных с интервалом в 21 год (1985 и 2006 гг.) исследований восприятия изображений неопределенной формы. Полученные данные свидетельствуют о характерных изменениях психологии на перцептивном уровне, которые автор связывает с социально-экономическими переменами в России и рассматривает как эмпирическое подтверждение концепции Л.С. Выготского.

A Social and Psychological Analysis of the Development of the Culture of Production and Consumption of Media Information

The article shows the modern state of the culture of consumption of media information at the level of individual and group consciousness. The authors state their preliminary conclusions that were made on the basis of the use of the experimental version of the inquirer ICCI (Individual Culture of Consumption of Information).

Peculiarities of the Functioning of Sets on the Example of Perception of the Information in Modern Mass Media

The article discusses the peculiarities of the perception of the information presented in the modern Russian electronic mass media. The data were collected through the interviews with 503 students of economic universities of Saratov and Moscow in the time period from 2011 to 2013. The survey maintains that for a younger audience (aged between 17 and 24 years) the information obtained from the Internet resources is the main source of information; along with that, the level of confidence in this information is constantly decreasing.