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Motives for Starting a Business and Representation of the Government Systems of Enterpreneurs with Different Types of Motivation

In this article we research government systems and motives of the beginning of business on entrepreneurs with different types of motivation. Our basis is the classic works of the Russian school of psychology (L. S. Vigotskiy, P. Ya. Galperin, A. N. Leontiev) and the author's model of motivation type. The model include motivation and demotivation. The sample included entrepreneurs with different experience of doing business. Also we use standard methodology for diagnostics of motivation - Methods for diagnostics of achievement motivation A. Mehrabian).

Motivation of the Professional Development of Future Teacher- Psychologists under the Conditions of Informatizatsii of the formation

The subject matter of the article is the problem of professional motivation development of the intending teachers in the field of psychology in the frame of education informatization. Ac cording to the suggested motivation model of the use by the teachers - psychologists of informa tion technologies in the context of meaningful learning in the content area, two basic motivation vectors have been singled out: the formation of the psychological readiness of the intending teachers to the activity under study.

Forming of Motivation in the Informative Computer Technology Using in Professional Military Activity of the Future Officers of the Internal Troops

The article deals with the experimental research problems of motivation forming. The author describes the usage of the informative computer technology in professional military activity of the future officers of the Internal Troops.

The Social-Psychological Features of Children from One-Parent Families

This article is devoted to the analysis of theoretic and practical concepts about children, nurtured in one-parent families. It contains the results of investigation of motivation’s components, a socialpsychological adaptation, a preference to time perspective, a selfmanagement, communicative and organizational abilities. It shows some differences between children from one-parent family and complete family. 

Features of Professional Intentions of Students-Psychologists at Early Stages Professionalization

In the article results of empirical research of features of professional intentions of students-psychologists are discussed, the problem of the attitude of students to the professional work is considered. Motives of training of students are analyzed, dynamics of their professional intentions comes to light and studied. The questions, concerning specificities of representations of the future experts on the selected trade are considered. 

Development of Professionally Significant Physical Qualities by Means of Physical Recreation of Students

The article substantiates the need to integrate general education and vocational training of specialists in higher education institutions by introducing self-study in physical recreation. The novelty of the research was that during physical education classes the teacher trained the female students of an experimental group to be able to use the opportunities of physical recreation for developing professionally significant physical qualities independently, without the interaction with the teacher.

On the motivation for using the project-based learning method

The article deals with the problems of implementing the project-based learning method in professional education. The aim of the study is to identify the key factors hindering the full use of the method in educational practice. The research methodology is based on a systematic approach and includes methods of description, comparison, comparative analysis, and generalization. The project-based learning method fully meets the objectives of the competence-based approach in professional education.

Influence by the Needs and the Motivational Sphere of the Identity of the High School Student on Readiness for Training in Higher Education Institution

In the article the problem of motivational influence of high school students on their readiness for training in higher education institute is considered. The results of the study of professional motives of high school students, their emotional attitude to the process of teaching are described. The author gives the structure of motivation of educational activity which helps to orient in the question of differentiation of the motives of teaching of high school students.

ESP as a tool for the formation of universal and professional competencies of future lawyers

At the time of increasing globalization and international integration, specialists in various professional spheres face new challenges of modern society which relate to the introduction of new technologies, the search for modern approaches to solving professional problems, as well as the urgent need for an eff ective exchange of professional information with colleagues from foreign countries. Therefore, it is very important for a professional to speak English fl uently and be able to use the language in a professional context.

Multidimensionality of Modeling of Youth Socialization

The article analyzes methodological and theoretical reasons for construction of multidimensional model of socialization of young people. The author assumes that the methodological treatment of the categories of activity, communication and self-awareness allow for adequate measurement of the process of becoming a social individual. On this basis he identifies theoretical resources of social, political, synergistic and cybernetic models of young people socialization, proving the acceptability of the process of their synthesis in the multivariate model.