Philosophical Perception of Ideology in Contemporary Society

This article’s objective is to comprehend which place ideology takes in the liberal capitalistic society. Ideology plays the role of the social organization and social self-organization mechanism which has been historically established. The author descripts its essence, substance and social functions along with cognizing the notion of an individual freedom. Liberal capitalistic ideology is characterized with a tendency to freedom and free enterprise according to mass media.

Politics as a Sphere Where Ideologies Exploit the Social Myths

The article considers the political sphere as a space of social mythology objectification. The state acts as a mediator smoothing of the social contradictions with the help of ideologies, which are based on certain social myths. Exploitation of social myths by ideologies makes it easier to influence social consciousness. Each state through the prevailing ideology (which may exist in its formal or informal way) is implementing a specific development program thus exploiting the myth or set of myths.