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The Dynamics of Value Orientations of the Creative Elite in a Risk Society

In this article the author makes an attempt to determine the reasons for the loss of civilizational identity, coupled with the loss of the previous values and social certainty. He is trying to figure out the role played by the creative elite in shaping the cultural identification attitudes of society in modern Russia. The article traces the dynamics of formation and development of Russian identity in the transition period. Analyzes the direction and nature of the state of social dynamics.

Foundation of Eucharistic Metaphysics in “Christ in the world” by S. Bulgakov

The article considers the ontological significance of the Eucharistic theology by S. Bulgakov, as it is presented in his works «Christ in the world» (1940). The author considers some prerequisites for development of this type of ontology in the framework of biblical Revelation about the creation of the world. The obstacles to building an adequate ontology of creation and incarnation in the traditional European metaphysics, since the latter is based on platono-Aristotelian model of the Cosmos is self-sufficient. This work of S. N.

Dynamics of Philosophical Consciousness of Russia and China: Problem of Algorithms

The article is dedicated to a problem of algorithms of world-learning and understanding of philosophical consciousness in Russia and China. The author bases a proof of legitimacy of categorical and algorithmic description of world-learning dynamics and refers to analogy of analytical procedure of conducting of algorithmization of levels of abstraction through language of mathematical symbols and philosophical universals.