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В статье проанализированы теоретические подходы к понима-
нию  процесса  формирования  представления  о  родительстве. 
Выборка  исследования  включала  в  себя  60  респондентов. 
Применение  комплекса  методик  –  «Диагностика  межличност-
ных отношений» Т. Лири (адаптирована Л. H. Собчик, в моди-
фикации Р. В. Овчаровой), PARI E. C. Шеффера и P. K. Белла 
(адаптирована Т. В. Нещерет, в модификации Т. В. Архиреевой), 
«Представления об идеальном родителе» Р. Г. Овчарова, а так-

Motherhood as a factor of the comprehension of life in the realities of a consumer society

Modern society is focused on a prestigious-status consumption, material values are cultivated in it to the detriment of spiritual ones, the meaning of life becomes unclear, a person falls into an “existential vacuum”. Consumer tendencies can be contrasted with love in its various manifestations, including one of the strongest – motherly love. But in modern realities, motherhood is faced with the devaluation, belittling of its role.

Denial of motherhood as the ideological basis of the androcentric tradition

Introduction. Androcentrism as an initial ideological attitude largely determines both the content of classical philosophical texts and the approaches of researchers to their interpretation. Theoretical analysis. It is noteworthy that androcentrism of "West" and "East" rests on the same ideological postulates. Their identifi cation is the purpose of this work.