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«Physicists» and «Lyricists»: two Cultures Yesterday and Today

A well-known contest of «physicists» and «lyricists» is studied from
its beginning at the end of 50s in 20 th century till nowadays. It
is pointed out that at that time the same problem in the West was
marked by Ch. Snow. It was the problem of «two cultures» dissociation-
scientific and artistic one. It’s shown that the invention
of human functional brain assimetry phenomenon by R. Sperry,
doesn’t not just harmonise «physicists» and «lyricists» but also
explains the necessity of their association. On the other hand,

Coordination of School Interactions

The author considers laws of the organisation of the big and open system of interactions of the schoolboy and the educational environment. Possibility of use for disclosing of laws of functioning of the given system of some positions of synergetrics is proved.

The City is Considered as Complex Synergetic Self- Organizing System

The city is considered as complex synergetic self-organizing system in which the historical, economic, sociopolitical ecological and other laws coherently operate, causing by the joint action existence of mechanisms of functioning of city in general.

Communication Processes in Social Systems Through the Prism of the Paradigm of Complexity

This article is focused on the results of the study of social systems based on the principles of the Complexity Paradigm.Our research task is focused on the analysis of communication processes in social systems. Our objective is to study their way of functioning of the parameters which we find in “a human” type of social systems. As a theoretical and methodological foundation, we use the Complexity paradigm, and we also rely on the Complex Discourse Analysis that was obtained as a result of our previous studies.

Globalization of Environmental Consciousness

The article is focused on the process of environmental conscience globalization, which is founded on human consciousness ability to perceive and recognize existence of a single biosphere + human community system. Planetary environmental conscience evolvement and formation factors are studied, such factors being: empirical knowledge acquired when a person is interacting with natural environment, great discoveries, international commercial and economic relations widening, travelers and scientists’ writings.

Multidimensionality of Modeling of Youth Socialization

The article analyzes methodological and theoretical reasons for construction of multidimensional model of socialization of young people. The author assumes that the methodological treatment of the categories of activity, communication and self-awareness allow for adequate measurement of the process of becoming a social individual. On this basis he identifies theoretical resources of social, political, synergistic and cybernetic models of young people socialization, proving the acceptability of the process of their synthesis in the multivariate model.