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«Physicists» and «Lyricists»: two Cultures Yesterday and Today

Ignatova Maria Petrovna, Saratov State Technical University

A well-known contest of «physicists» and «lyricists» is studied from
its beginning at the end of 50s in 20 th century till nowadays. It
is pointed out that at that time the same problem in the West was
marked by Ch. Snow. It was the problem of «two cultures» dissociation-
scientific and artistic one. It’s shown that the invention
of human functional brain assimetry phenomenon by R. Sperry,
doesn’t not just harmonise «physicists» and «lyricists» but also
explains the necessity of their association. On the other hand,
it is written that new points of lateral thinking ( spontaneity, unpredictability,
choice, inconvertibility, uniqueness of open system
method), developed by founding fathers of synergetics G. Haken,
I. Prigodgin, S. Kurdiumov, establish the way to rapprochement
of natural and human sciences.


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