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Changing aesthetic ideals under the influence of the phenomenon of the cult of youth in the 1920s

Introduction. The principle of aesthetic transformation affects not only the functioning of fashion, but also a range of problems related to the worldview and world perception of a person, which are relevant for any time. Aesthetic problems have a deeper foundation than the change of images of vestimentary fashion, and lie in the sphere of social and cultural life of society. Theoretical analysis.

Development Conflictologist Teacher

The article is devoted to the development of conflictological teacher. Examines the causes and contradictions are analyzed for the emergence of conflicts in the educational environment on the basis of which actualized the leading role of the teacher in the process of being solved. Focuses on the characteristics of the types of resilience, a system that can be considered as con-flytothefinish teacher.


Статья посвящена изучению некоторых аспектов содержания медиативного подхода. Несмотря на практическое применение медиативного подхода, его теоретическое содержание не иссле- довано. Поэтому, исходя из нормативного определения медиа- тивного подхода, выявляются и раскрываются его признаки, при этом отмечается, что медиативный подход представляет собой вид деятельностного.

The Conflict and the Order in Civilization Structures

The author analyzes the conflicts of civilizations in this article. The Author considers the reasons of these conflicts that are created value.
The value of one civilization disagrees with the value of other civilizations. At the end of article he draws a conclusion. The problem
of civilization’s conflicts has to be studied together with modern global problems and problems of modernizations. 

The Conceptual Bases of the Communication Conflict

In article we present the specifics of the communication conflict and virtual person in the modern global space. In this context, concluded that it is necessary social-philosophical understanding of this phenomenon, especially since the problem of communication is connected with the disclosure of the identity of the person, their valuable installations. 

Risk Communication: Theoretical Foundations and Current Issues

This article introduces the framework of risk communication problem. Values, attitudes, social influences and cultural identity, and institutes influence what human beings perceive as their risks. Hence, the social experience of risk is not confined to the technical parameters of risk, i.e. the probability and magnitude. The present work examines the methodological roots of risk communication theory, traces the development of this subject in risk literature, and explores its value in current risk issues.

Modes of the interaction between network structures in a conflict situation

The article is devoted to the study of ontological, phenomenological and axiological modes of the interaction between network structures in the situation of a conflict confrontation. The aim of the work is to identify the modes of the interaction between network structures, and to clarify their specifics in the context of conflict escalation.

Multidimensionality of Modeling of Youth Socialization

The article analyzes methodological and theoretical reasons for construction of multidimensional model of socialization of young people. The author assumes that the methodological treatment of the categories of activity, communication and self-awareness allow for adequate measurement of the process of becoming a social individual. On this basis he identifies theoretical resources of social, political, synergistic and cybernetic models of young people socialization, proving the acceptability of the process of their synthesis in the multivariate model.