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Effectiveness of Frame-Algorithms Application When Creating Problem Situations in Military Universities of the VNG of Russia

The article is devoted to the consideration of the effectiveness of frame algorithms application when creating problem situations in practical classes at military universities of the VNG of Russia, in order to identify theoretical aspects of their effectiveness. The author suggested that one of the conditions of the officer's readiness for professional activity should be the ability to act and make decisions correctly in emergent critical situations.

Structure of group subjectivity of the family

The author’s approach to the problem of the structure of subjectivity of the family as a group is presented. For the first time, the subjectivity of the family is revealed as a dynamic socio-psychological property, in the structure of which the following are distinguished: the possibility, readiness and ability of the family to be a subject. The possibility of being a subject is expressed in the family potential, which creates the prospect for the family to acquire the status of a group subject.

Specifics of student youth’s social perception about readiness, competence and self-efficacy

Introduction. Global transformations require an individual to be ready for change, the ability to make decisions in a situation of uncertainty. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis allows us to conclude that, depending on the context, readiness is understood differently. Psychological readiness is associated with the presence of knowledge, skills, and is considered as a certain level of activity of the individual, a special emotional-volitional state, the ability to mobilize before the start of activity.

The Model of Formation of Readiness of a Future Math Teacher to the Realization of Additional Math Education of Pupils

The article deals with one of the guestions, concerning with the problem of formation of readiness of a future math teacher to the realization of additional math education of pupils – the model of formation of readiness.