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ценностные ориентации


В статье обосновано ведущее значение сформированности культурно-ценностных ори-
ентаций как основы поликультурной компетентности личности. Определяется, что на со-
временном этапе развития общества в условиях расширения поликультурного простран-
ства и нарастающей напряженности особенно актуально формирование толерантности, 
межкультурных взаимоотношений, которые должны базироваться на основе формирова-
ния ценностных ориентаций и поликультурной компетентности. На основе проведенного 

Relation of Socialization and Value Orientations of a Personality in the Aspect of its Adaptability among Different Ethnics in Volga Region

A comparative analysis of characteristics of the social suitability and
value orientations of a personality of representatives of three ethnics
(Russians, Tatars and Lezghins) living in theVolga region (Saratov
region) is represented. Modern approaches to the understanding
of the the socialization of a personality and its social-psychological
manifestations, adaptational possibilities are considered. In the results
of the analysis of the phenomena among the majority of the probationers

Intercommunication of the Value Orientations and the Career Preferences of the Cities and Countries Pupils

The article contains the results of empirical research in revealing of inter-functional communications between the value orientations and the career preferences; explores the structures of the value orientations of the seniors, leaving in the cities and countries districts; points out the general and the particular system forming values; examines the peculiarities of the career orientations in such excerpts.

Components of Students Productive Generalizing Educational Activity

Analysis of components of students' productive generalizing educational activity is made in connection with each sphere of developing person. This analysis gave the opportunity to plan educational product, consisting of valuable orientations, productive generalization and experience of creative activity.

The Essential and Meaningful Characteristics of Cross-Cultural Value Orientations

The paper presents a study of the essence and the component mix of cross-cultural value orientations. The basic meaning of «cross-cultural  value orientations» is rather complicated. So the author explains the essence through the analysis of the elements of its component mix: culture, value, value orientations, cross-cultural interaction.

Features of adolescents’ value orientations with different levels of anxiety

Introduction. The variability of social guidelines of modern society determines the relevance of studying value orientations as an important moral component of the person. The purpose of the work is to study the value orientations of adolescents with different levels of anxiety. Theoretical analysis. The severity of anxiety in adolescents is related to the choice of certain value orientations. Adolescents with high levels of anxiety are more susceptible to the opinions of others and their value orientations are less stable and more useful.