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Mathematical Object in the Modern Philosophical Discourse

The problem of the bases of mathematics directly mentions questions of existence and the ontological status of mathematical object and is defined by the content of two basic contradictory methodological conceptions - realism and constructivism. It is shown that at the heart of their opposition dialectic relations of categorial pairs «individual?general», «subject?object», «essence?phenomenon» lie.

Value Relation and Cognition

The article is devoted to the consideration of the ontological meaning of the concept of «value relation» in the process of cognition. The scientific novelty of the research consists in substantiating the methodology of a holistic consideration of the problem of the role and place of the value relation in the system of bases of scientific cognition. This methodology assumes the consideration of social, historical and epistemological factors and allows us to consider the development of science in connection with the values of the dominant scientific paradigm.

Remote practical training to gain professional skills and professional experience (nursing) at the medical faculty

 Due to the transition of higher educational institutions to remote functioning in the spring of 2020 and the impossibility of conducting nursing practice on the basis of medical establishments it became necessary to create a new form of having classes that would allow students to master practical skills without contacting patients. The article presents the author's methodology of remote practical training in class to obtain professional skills and experience of professional activity (nursing) at the medical faculty.

Practical philosophy: Modern foundations and necessity

Introduction. The complexity, the rapidity of changes and considerable uncertainty of further social development reinforce the requirements for an effective positive influence of philosophy on what is happening. In general, we are talking about the modern concretization – based on the method of dialectical unity of historical and logical – of the fundamental problem of the connection of philosophy and science with life and practice. Theoretical analysis.

The practical component of early Greek philosophy

Introduction. The relevance of «practical philosophy» is contrasted with «traditional philosophy», detached from life. The final perspective sees the harmonization of theoretical-practical and practical-theoretical activity of philosophers, based on the appropriate historical and logical rethinking of the history of philosophy. The classical beginning is to emphasize the practical component of early Greek philosophy. Theoretical analysis.