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Criticism of «Dialectic Reason» from Positions of Philosophy XX–XXI c.

Duplinskya Yuliya Mikhailovna, Saratov State University

In article it is proved that philosophy of XX–XXI makes overcoming of dialectics, and not in the spirit of dialectic «removal» at all. Dialectic opposites are replaced with the «swarming» distinctions between which the unity is impossible for the reason that between them there is no mutual exclusion. Both in epistemology, and in social sphere, dialectic «conflict of opposites» strategy is replaced by indirect slip away strategies, deconstruction for example. Dialectic «the unity of opposites» is replaced by communication strategy. Overcoming of dialectics is analyzed in the context of two fundamental «turns» defining a face of philosophy of the XX–XXI centuries. It: turn to consciousness (the phenomenological direction) and turn to language (a hermeneutics, structuralism and post-structuralism).


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