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The Influence of Husserl’s Phenomenology on the Ontopsychological Theory of Meneghetti

Blagovestniy Mikhail B., Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin

There is an attempt to recover the logic of perception of the heritage of E. Husserl’s phenomenological philosophy by A. Meneghetti as creator of the ontopsychological theory, presented in article. It emphasizes the importance of E. Husserl’s criticism of psychologism for the subsequent development of psychology and philosophy. It discusses the specifics of the Cartesian understanding of the relation between consciousness and human existence by ontopsychology and phenomenology. From the basis of the interdisciplinary research, which undertaken by Husserl, especially based on his solution of psychologism problem, certain positions of the ontopsychological theory are analyzed. Process of analysis reveales contradictions, which are these provisions in relation to such basics proposotions of phenomenology as method of phenomenological reduction, the criticism of psychologism, transcendental ego. Through the accepting by Meneghetti of Parmenides formula of the identity of thinking and being, reveals the metaphysical specifics of ontopsychological conception. Owing to Husserl’s thesis about relativistic consequences, stemming from the psychological position on logic, there opens a possibility for deeper reading of the ontopsychological theory. Through the tendency toward relativism, inherent in ontopsychology, proved the influence of psychologism on the theory of A. Meneghetti. Based on the analysis in the article conclusion about differences between phenomenology and ontopsychology in the very foundations of these theories.


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