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Landscape Ontology: Existential Continuum

Veretennikov Nikolai Jakovlevich, Saratov State University

The phenomenon of the space-time continuum of the landscape is considered in the article. The author pays special attention to the problem of human life in a complex system and the totality of all components of natural and natural-anthropogenic landscapes. In describing the essence of the spatial-temporal continuum of the landscape, the emphasis is placed on the investigation of the dangerous transformation that occurs when anthropogenic impact of natural complexes of the indigenous landscape is taking place, which negatively affects the conditions of human activity as a social subject. Attention is drawn to the need for a more active, environmentally oriented creative activity in the implementation of co-evolution with direct interaction with the natural environment. The decisive role of man as an existential subject, structuring the entire spatial-temporal continuum of the landscape, is emphasized. A person should realize that all external influences on the geosystems of a particular locality affect the entire landscape envelope of the Earth. The most important factor influencing the state and functioning of geosystems of natural landscapes is the climate. The author also argues that the life of a person in a natural and territorial complex is determined by interaction with the local landscape, taking into account the characteristics of all of its natural components, as well as the established customs, traditions, and creative abilities of the person himself that he implements in his activities.


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