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The first Saratov professor of psychology A. A. Krogius: On the 150th anniversary of the scientist

Yuzhaninova Alla Leonidovna, Saratov State Law Academy

The article is devoted to the 150th anniversary of the outstanding scientist of the XX century A. A. Krogius (1871–1933), who was at the origin of Russian experimental psychology and pedology in the early 1900s, the founder of Russian typhlopsychology. Krogius was a European-famous psychologist and worked for 12 years (1919–1931) at the Saratov University, becoming the first professor of psychology in Saratov. The article considers the features of the appearance of a successful petersburgian Krogius in provincial Saratov in 1919, presents the specifics of his work at the Saratov University, analyzes the discrepancies that appeared in the Saratov period of the scientist’s life between the principles of Soviet psychology that were being formed at that time and the methodology of Krogius’ research. Using the example of his fate and the biographical method, as well as the psychological analysis of documentary sources, newspaper articles, letters, diary entries, the author showed the peculiarities of development in the 1920s and 1930s both Russian and regional Saratov psychology, associated with the rejection of the previous scientific traditions formed in domestic psychology as part of European and world science, and the process of formation of a new Soviet psychology, sometimes associated with the destruction of the specific destinies of its participants.

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