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The Eternal Recurrence of the Text: from Nietzsche to Post-structuralism

Schedrin K. S., Saratov State University

The article is devoted to influence of F. Nietzsche’s concept of history of philosophy on corresponding practice of poststructuralists like R. Bartes, J. Derrida, G. Deleuze in the history of philosophy field. The conceptual basis of the specified influence is shown through the significant for F. Nietzsche doctrine about Eternal Recurrence. However, the article discovers the aspect from a heritage of F. Nietzsche’s thought in the history of philosophy that missed by the postmodernists. It is the personal influence aspect. Postmodernists put at the center of their historical and philosophical concept the notion of text as immanent substrate. In his turn, Nietzsche makes the personality of author important each text.

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