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The Historical Aspect of Studying Innovative Pedagogical Activity

Rodkina Ye. V., Kindergarten «Zyornyshko»

The paper gives an analysis of the historical and pedagogical aspect of studying innovational pedagogical activities which allows us to make the following conclusions: innovativeness has always been characteristic of educational work, determined the processes of its renovation, improvement and development as evidenced by the history of the formation of pedagogical ideas. The most radical innovative processes in pedagogical theory and practice were developing at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century when the progress in various spheres of humanology sharpened an interest in a forming personality. The most intensive are innovative processes in pedagogical theory and practice in the recent years. Innovations in education and teaching are closely connected with the changes in society and conditioned by them. The changes in teaching and upbringing firstly manifest themselves in aims and tasks of education beginning, as a rule, in extra-educational activity then gradually going on in a general educational school and after that in professional and higher schools. 

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