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Synthesis of love and suff ering in the philosophy by S. L. Frank

Mochinskaya Ksenia Alexandrovna, Saratov State University

Introduction. The article considers the concept of synthesis in the experience of love and suff ering. In the context of the study of the problem, the works of the Russian philosopher S. L. Frank turned out to be signifi cant. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of the notion of synthesis is carried out within the framework of the concept of the metaphysics of the all-unity of the thinker.The conceptual meaning of synthesis is determined in the ratio of antinomic parts of being. It is established that love and suff ering are feelings opposite in meaning. The value of each of these sensations is revealed. Love is represented by the categories of “recognition” and “possession”. Suff ering is understood as the “imperfection” or “tragedy” of being. The philosopher characterizes the specifi cs of the designated feelings as the subject of mental life. In this direction the dynamism, inherent in love and suff ering is identifi ed. The dialectic, inherent in each of the senses, allows us to evaluate them: to determine their positive or negative meaning. In the refl ection of sensations, a contradiction between them is revealed. Suff ering is perceived as something negative, and love as positive, in which their antinomical character is manifested. Conclusions. When analyzing such a ratio, a conclusion is formulated about the possibility of synthesizing the noted feelings with a dominant vector of the search for positive. This provision implies the overcoming of the contradiction in the field of the “unknowable” through a resignation.

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