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Sophia in the Bible and in Russian Sophiology: Aspect of Wife

The article explores the unique, but scantily investigated in Russian sophiology, concept of Sophia the Wisdom of God as “a Wife clothed with the sun”. According to the Bible, the first Sophia’s witness was The God Himself and his Prophets, on which all Russian sophiologists accentuated their attention. Religious mystical experience of sophiologists is the important determinant for acknowledgement of Sophia image.

Interaction of Philosophical, Religious and Secular Ideas in the Works of the Composers of Russian Spiritually-Cultural Renaissance

The attempt to analyse the philosophical aspect of music is undertaken in the article. The author considers the reflection of philosophical, religious and secular ideas in the creative work of the Russian composers of the end of XIX, beginning of XX century as a result of the influence of ideological directives and ideological contradictions of the boundary epoch.

S.N. Bulgakov's Spiritual Searches and Their Reflection in His Philosophical System

Article is devoted to research philosophical views of S.N.Bulgakov. Questions of formation of weltanschauung of Bulgakov through a prism of inconsistent events in his life and philosophical researches in his creative work became an analysis subject. They are especially interesting now when ample opportunities of a choice of philosophical ideas, religious faiths and ordinary views are given for the person. His optimism and integrity of humanistic maintenance of all his life is attractive to spiritual formation of the person.

The Phenomenon of Belief in V. I. Nesmelov's Gnoseology

In article reconstruction of the concept of Russian religious
philosopher V. I. Nesmelov is given, in particular it’s gnoseological
aspect. Questions of a parity of belief and knowledge are considered,
the mechanisms of knowledge process are revealed. The role of
religious thinking on a way to full disclosing of aspects of the human
person is understood.

Synthesis of love and suff ering in the philosophy by S. L. Frank

Introduction. The article considers the concept of synthesis in the experience of love and suff ering. In the context of the study of the problem, the works of the Russian philosopher S. L. Frank turned out to be signifi cant. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of the notion of synthesis is carried out within the framework of the concept of the metaphysics of the all-unity of the thinker.The conceptual meaning of synthesis is determined in the ratio of antinomic parts of being.