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Transformation and «Rasvoploshenie» as Ontologic Intuitions of Russian and Western Thought

Article argues that difference between ontological intuitions of Russian and western philosophy goes back to distinction between such forms of sacral experience as sanctitu and mysticism. The mysticism is connected with experience of «rasvoploshenie», sanctitu – with transformation of experience. The fundamental project of Russian religions philosophy is linked with attempt of philosophical judgment of experience of transformation.

The Definition of "Information Space" in Modern Social Philosophy

One of dangerous contradictions of an information epoch consists that, forming information space and providing its existence and development, the person simultaneously realizes that its biological existence is put in dependence on a level of development and speed of transformation of the information space playing an escalating role in a life of a modern society.

"Eonotopos" in the Poetical World of Arseniy Tarkovskiy: Problems of Religious-Philosophical Analysis of a Poetical Text

The article is dedicated to the problem of the interpretation of the religious-philosophical text. One of the instruments of the analysis is the category of eonotopos, which is related to the category of chronotopos. The philosophical tradition of Russian lyrical poetry is analysed on the material of Arseniy Tarkovskiys poetry taking in view the transformation of the word in the eonotopos of his poetical world.

Dynamics of Philosophical Consciousness of Russia and China: Problem of Algorithms

The article is dedicated to a problem of algorithms of world-learning and understanding of philosophical consciousness in Russia and China. The author bases a proof of legitimacy of categorical and algorithmic description of world-learning dynamics and refers to analogy of analytical procedure of conducting of algorithmization of levels of abstraction through language of mathematical symbols and philosophical universals.

Laws of Transformation of the Mental Burning Out Condition at Pedagogical Workers in Aspect of Intraprofessional Differentiation

The article is devoted to research of laws of structurally-dynamic changes of mental burning out condition during its transformation in personal properties at pedagogical workers, irrespective of specificity of their professional work. Modern psycho diagnostic techniques methods of descriptive and comparative mathematical statistics are used in research. According to this approach structurally-dynamic change of the mental burning out condition, repeating in its each phase, we consider as law of transformation.