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social psychology

External Judgment Superimportance Phenomenon and Interpersonal Relations Disorder

The article is devoted to the social-psychical phenomenon, which acts as a nonspecific factor of maladaptation of an individual. It reflects the problems of persons attitude to other peoples judgment and is determined as an external judgment superimportance phenomenon. The article shows main directions of destructive effect of the phenomenon on different levels of socio-psychical adaptation of an individual.

The Questions of Methodology Maintenance of Juridical Psychology Expert Research

The methodology aspect of psychology juridical expert research is considered in the article and ways of solving the problems wich are connected with making of such expert research methodic on the base of general scientific methodology principles are also discussed. The determinant means of principles of systematic and individualization are demonstrated. The system of criterias of scientific justifiability of making juridical psychology expert judgments is formulated.

Sociocultural Standard Interpersonal Relationship

The paper reports outcomes of a theoretical reflection of Russian
proverbs and sayings about friendship and friendly relations. The paper
alleges that by means of them sociocultural codes and meanings are
transmitted. It is shown that proverbs, representing aphoristically
short speech, imagery and manifest emotional content, and reflect
national-specific context the term «friend», which is determined by
cultural and socio-psychological factors, which provide different

Metodological Status of the «Other»: Psychological Discurs

The paper reports outcomes of a theoretical reflection of concept Other with the purpose to define methodological opportunities of this concept The paper alleges that the space of interactions of Self and Other can be represented by 3 dimensions, which construct sociopsychological, socio-cultural and existencio-cultural surfaces. 

The Significance Problem of Social-Psychological Research Results

One of the topical problems of social psychology is the significance of the research results. After experiments are retried using published techniques, more than a half of these experiments have no confirmation. The verification of the Zimbardo “prison” experiment is one of the most famous examples. Flimsy evidence calls into doubt the predictive function of science and creates difficulties for the practical application of results.

Youth perceptions and attitudes about artifi cial intelligence

Introduction. The development of information technology (IT) and artifi cial intelligence (AI) are signifi cantly changing the modern world, which raises the question of the impact of these technologies on humankind. Theoretical analysis. Research on human-IT interaction is most often determined in terms of benefi ts for education, threats in terms of harm to health, including psychological health, and the formation of addictive behavior. However, the sphere of attitudes towards AI has been researched insuffi ciently.

Semantic codes of the modern profession “Teacher”: Invariants and innovations

The article presents the results of the analysis of the semantic codes of the profession “Teacher” in the modern circumstances. The invariant meanings of educational activity are reconstructed on the basis of proverbs and sayings, which reflect and express collective wisdom in an aphoristic form, which save and transmit the ontological meanings of teaching. The invariant meanings accumulate social ideas about the teacher, represented by everyday beliefs of social actors about the profession “Teacher”.

Spiritual psychology of S. L. Frank in the context of modern tasks of the development of Russian social psychology

The introduction highlights the points of contact between the ideas of S.L. Frank’s spiritual psychology and the theme of “generational survival”, developed within the framework of metamodernism and metapsychology, and the relevance of spiritual psychology for solving the problems facing modern Russian social psychology. The theoretical analysis is devoted to understanding the essence of the phenomenon of spirituality, the connection of the spiritual and socio-psychological in the works of S. L. Frank, the development of S. L.