social capital

Attitudes Towards Money and Social Capital

The correlation between social capital and relationships to money was discussed. We suggested that social capital may perform a regulatory function in the people’s relation to material resources, which may occur at the individual level in relation to money. It was found that social capital at the individual level, demonstrates a negative effect on the following groups of monetary attitudes: «retention», «power» «inadequacy», «security».

The Phenomenon of the «Creative Class» in the Social Space

Article discusses the phenomenon of the «creative class», which formation leads to a transformation in the structure of society. Representatives of the new class are considered from the social,  economic, personal and professional positions. Modern concept of creativity plays different from the traditional form of thinking. This makes it possible to increase the level of innovation development of society. Compares traditional and creative types of communities are considered their positive and negative features. Creative class is analyzed in the field of domestic social space.

Social Capital as a Psychological Phenomenon

The article is devoted to the problem of substantiating the phenomenon of “social capital” as a psychological phenomenon. The purpose of the study presented in the article was to systematically review the articles devoted to the problem of social capital, executed in a psychological perspective.