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Umberto Eco’s Scriptorium: Sign and Signification

In this article the notion of the Eco's scriptorium through the theoretical and art comprehension of the semiotic systems is explicated. Author assumed that in the Eco's concept, the phenomenon of the scriptorium correlates with the one of the labyrinth which are related
to three levels of discourse. The concept of the scriptorium is distinguished by a creative and culturally constructive potential of the system which opposes the spatial, textual and ontological levels of the labyrinth structure.

The Language Paradigm of Russian Philosophy

For the first time Russian and Western philosophical traditions distinction is spent as basic distinction of language basic. Russian tradition is based on language-symbol priority, western – on languagesign domination.

Language: from the Source Contemporarу Times

A language problem in a modern science mentioned by different scholars is rather sharp and debatable. To understand the language essence it makes sense to consider different approaches which may symbolically be divided into two types. It is investigation of the language problem in its retrospective (since an epoch of antiquity up to postmodernism) by means of comparison of different approaches that allows us to come to certain conclusions in this field and lift deep layers of the language at different levels including sacral.

Becoming Grammatica Speculativa: Analysis of Some Features of Realism, Conceptualism and Nominalism in the Decision of Problem of Universalies

In article are analyzed and compared features of decisions of «universalies problem» offered by such scholastic traditions as realism, conceptualism and nominalism played a key role in becoming of problem field of logical-semiotic researches medieval grammatica speculativa.

Critics of Language: Destruction of Symbolical Nature of Music

In article is submitted the critical sight to symbolical nature of the musical art, being by a condition of definition of music as disinterested, symbolical, pointless and also signless space.

Philosophic Analysis of Advertisement as the Semiotic System

The article analyzes by the method of semiotic the mechanisms of generation the sense into the advertisement in the contemporary post-industrial society. In today’s world the function of advertisement goes far beyond its initial aim of informing about goods and service. 

St. John’s theorem

The article analyzes the spiritual-mystical components underlying speech, language and self-consciousness of a person. The research is carried out on the basis of an interdisciplinary scientific approach. The main attention is focused on the prologue of St. John, considered as a scientific theorem that paves the way for solving the problem of the existence of language and human self-consciousness.