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The Peculiarities of the "I-Image" Development of the Child in His Preschool Age

The issues of the development of the «I-image» of the child in his preschool age are being considered in this article. The demand of the self awareness is considered to be one of the fundamental demands of the human being. This knowledge constructs the basis, the foundation for launching the self-development and self-realization mechanisms. Based on the analyses of the Russian and foreign psychologists researches the «I-image» is considered as the bar component in the structure of the personality.

Heuristic Sense of the National Idea in the Long Term of Self-Determination of Russia

This article analyzes the Russian national idea in the context of contemporary realities, where new content join to the national idea. It is emphasized that the national idea is a process of self-realization of the nation as a subject in historical process through the formation of «we-identity». It argues that the national idea has heuristic sense, not only in the perspective of self-determination in Russia, but also a world-historical significance.

Behavioral Specifics of Adolescents with Diabetes

The latest studies make emphasis on misadaption of people fighting chronic diseases, consequently allowing for psychology approach to diagnostics, prognosis and therapy of the disease. This article covers the issue of self-awareness development in adolescents with diabetes. This time of a child’s life is characterized with entering whole new social position forming his/her conscientious attitude of the self as a member of the society.

The Self-Relation as the Determinant of Personal’s Subjective Well-Being

The goal of the study was to identify the psychological aspects of self-relation as component of subjective well-being of personality of students. Theme is identification the specifics of people’s self-relations formed in various national-psychological, socio-political and economic conditions; the subject is self-relation as a determinant of subjective well-being of ethnic Russians and Kazakhs. For the diagnosis of subjective well-being method «The scale of subjective well-being» adapted by M. V. Sokolova was applied.

Rational-Psychological Justification for an Empirical Criterion of «Self» Identity in Transcendental Philosophy by I. Kant

This publication considers I. Kant’s views on self-consciousness, logical «self», and virtual «self», which have rendered their impact on contemporary comprehension of «self» identity in social psychology.

Social Psychological Genesis of «Self» from the Standpoint of the Philosophy of Social Interactionism

This publication considers the explanation of the consciousness and «self» genesis offered by G. H. Mead through a gradual development during childhood of a capability to assume a part of the other and to visualize own behaviour from the viewpoint of the others.