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professional competence

The Correlation of Career Orientations of Managers with Professional Activity and Overall Life Satisfaction

In the article author analyses the career orientations and factors of professional activity and the overall life satisfaction of managers in The Republic Bashkortostan with the use of a questionnaire of career orientation «Anchor career» E. Shane in the translation and adaptation V. A. Chicer, V. E. Vinokurova and multi-factor questionnaire of behavior and experience, work-related called AVEM authors W. Schaarschmidt and A. Fischer in the adaptation of T. Ronginskaya.

Professional Success of a Teacher: A Theoretical Analysis of the Concept and Development Opportunities in the System of Additional Professional Pedagogical Education

The article is devoted to the consideration of the problem of professional success of the teacher. The urgency of the problem is determined by the specifics and trends in the development of the socio-professional space, which requires from the teacher to be ready to actualize personal and professional advantages in the conditions of the modern socio-cultural environment and in accordance with the requirements imposed on the teacher’s professional functionality.

Optimization of Students’ Independent Work from the Pozition of Competence – Based Approach

The article considers questions of independent work optimization as particular students’ learning and cognitive activity organization, stimulating the necessity in self-education, self-studying and continual professional perfection. The effectiveness of students’ independent work is connected with the enlargement of the cognitive activity area, the individual’s attitude to its substance and aspiration for achieving the stated objectives.

The Module-Competence Approach to Training of Cadets of the Higher Military-Vocational Training

The article deals the content of the training in the implementation of the module-competence approach in the educational process of the higher military-vocational training.