professional activity

to Implement the «Basics of Healthy Life-style» Program in Secondary Schools

Professional readiness is considered in unity of its components – general and special professional readiness – and presented as an integral structural unit which is a sum of personal qualities, psychological state, professional knowledge and skills of students that provide the efficiency of interrelation of the subjects of pedagogical process directed to the implementation of «Basics of healthy life-style» program in a secondary school. The offered model of professional readiness formation represents a unity of target, organizational, substantial and diagnostic components.

Features of Psychological Attitude of Personality to Objects and Subjects of Labor as a Predictor of Emotional Burnout (Socio-Cognitive Approach)

The article presents the empirical research results of emotional burnout level and socio-psychological characteristics of the penitentiary system employees, presented in terms of job satisfaction and attitudes towards subjects and objects of professional activity in the context of a social cognitive approach.

Social and Psychological Features of Emotional Burnout at Various Stages of Seniority of Correctional Staff

The article presents the results of empirical research of correctional staff’s emotional burnout. The hypothesis: there is an existence of features of correctional staff’s emotional burnout at various stages of their seniority. Empirical selection is presented by employees of Federal Service Directorate of Execution of Punishment in Saratov region. Methods: V. Boyko’s method for burnout level assessment; K. Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). This research shows dynamics of emotional burnout which people working in penal system eventually acquire.

Research Actuality of the Problem of Teacher's Professional Development in the System of Professional Qualification Improvement

The analysis of different psychological theories on the base of the systematic, personal-oriented active and complex acmelogical approach
to the definition of the term "professional development of a teacher"is presented in this article. The problem of professional
develop-ment of a teacher in the system of qualification improvement is raised. A suggestion of the necessity to work out and to support
scientifically optimal conditions of teachers professional development in the system of qualification improvement which lets to reveal new

The Correlation of Career Orientations of Managers with Professional Activity and Overall Life Satisfaction

In the article author analyses the career orientations and factors of professional activity and the overall life satisfaction of managers in The Republic Bashkortostan with the use of a questionnaire of career orientation «Anchor career» E. Shane in the translation and adaptation V. A. Chicer, V. E. Vinokurova and multi-factor questionnaire of behavior and experience, work-related called AVEM authors W. Schaarschmidt and A. Fischer in the adaptation of T. Ronginskaya.