pedagogical abilities

Modern Image of the Curator of Student's Group

Article investigates a concept of the curator’s image of student’s group as the character created with the purpose to convey to students certain information through such external manifestations as behavior, outlook, and appearance. Undoubtedly, each teacher who is consciously choosing educational activity of coaching by the time of implementation of such choice created as the personality and is his/her identity.

Model of Professional Readiness Formation of Soon-to-Be Life Safety Teachers in a Pedagogical University

The paper contains the evaluation of the results of the professional readiness formation process in the students of the Pedagogical University with educational program specialization in Life Safety. The procedure included evaluation to what degree they mastered theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as the level of development of their pedagogical abilities. Using the technique of professional readiness degree evaluation we estimate the level of respondents’ knowledge and skills by summarizing their marks for the chosen disciplines.

Basic Requirements and Improving the Quality the Educational Process in Higher Education Institutions of Internal Troops of the MIA of Russia (retracted by Editorial Board 30/09/21))

In article analyzes the system of education in military educational institutions of internal troops of the MIA of Russia, which allowed to reveal and to systematize the requirements to the educational process. It is noted that improving the efficiency of the modern system of professional military education of higher education institutions of internal troops of the MIA of Russia requires the introduction and development of scientifically substantiated tools and methods for increasing the efficiency of the process of education.