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Students’ Patriotic Culture Formation

The article is devoted to the problem of students’ patriotic culture
formation during humanities learning process in the institute of higher
education. The author gives the analysis of the concept «patriotic
culture» as well as the system of its formation.

Military-Patriotic Training Essence and Peculiarities in Modern Conditions

The different levels of patriotism demonstration are discussed in the article. The attempt to define military-patriotic training essence and peculiarities of cadets in modern conditions are made, the training component structure is suggested. 

Spirituality as a Basis of Morality and Patriotism in a Modern Russian Society

The article considers the dialectical correlation between patriotism, morality and spirituality. Spirituality is interpreted as the main condition and basis of all moral qualities and abilities of the human being, including patriotism. In comparison with patriotism as a spiritual quality of the person, spirituality looks like a transcendental condition of personal existence, which allows us to interpret it more fundamental and, therefore, primary phenomenon.

Philosophical Background of Successful Patriotic Education

The article discusses the philosophical background of successful patriotic education, which is fundamental, not related to the sociocultural situation. The relevance of the issue arises from the need to formulate methodology for patriotic education, which optimizes efforts for developing and implementing specific programs of patriotic education. It is also necessary at a fundamental level to resolve the dispute between supporters and opponents of the objectivity and a positive role of patriotic education for society and the individual.

Formation of patriotism among the younger generation in the modern school environment

 Статья посвящена проблеме возвращения патриотической работы в современную систему школьного воспитания. Цель исследования – изучить особенности формирования патриотизма как незыблемой ценности в воспитании подрастающего поколения. Сравнительный анализ понятий «патриотизм», «гражданственность», «национализм», «интернационализм» показал, что исторически воспитание патриотизма у детей и молодежи пересекается с формированием гражданственности, организацией дружественных межэтнических отношений.

Prospects for the evolution of the form of public organization in Russia in the context of globalization

The purpose of the article is to analyze the prospects for the socio-economic development of Russia. The work uses a culturalhistorical approach, applies methods of critical philosophical reflection and dialectical logic. The main attention is paid to considering the most acceptable form of social organization for Russia, following the traditional features of its historical evolution. The work focuses on the importance of fostering patriotic sentiments for the successful existence of the state and society.