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About Ontology of Meaning

In article the ontologic analysis of a phenomenon of meaning is presented. The meaning is investigated from the point of view of its form of reprezentation in consciousness. It is ascertained nonsensual character of meaning ? the meaning does not possess spatiality, temporariness and qualia. It is shown, that the meaning can be interpreted as «potential» form of being. Fundamental property of meaning also is its unity, internal integrity.

Formation of Students Subjectivity in the Educational Space of Faculty of Arts

The article discusses the problem of personality of the students in the education space. Raises issues finding of meaning in the process of learning and the formation of subjective stance on training activities.

Philosophical expertise of ????????? in the post-truth era

The article discusses the transformation of the world system of the post-truth era, which is affecting the central meanings of culture. The necessity of a philosophical analysis of semantic interventions which are becoming the part of the strategy of conscious construction of reality is substantiated.

Deflationism, Contextuality and the Theory of Reference

The paper deals with deflationary theories of reference, that is with the study of the relationship between such concepts as truth, meaning, reference, and contextuality. The paper analyzes the key deflationary theory of reference – P. Horwich's and A. Bave's theories. The result shows that the deflationary theory of reference can be formulated in accordance with the principle of contextuality (using the notion of disposition).

Urbanized sociality: The culture of control in the mode of mediatization

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of the culture of control in conditions of mediatization – an integral part of the modern social world of the city. The specificity of the view on the problem lies in the departure from the functional technicality of positivist research into the field of ontological and social reflection, expanding the analytical range of revealing the meaning.

Semantic frame as an element of meaning-making

Introduction. In the modern socio-cultural space, the concept of the meaning of the text of culture, the process of meaning-making have become relevant among scientists. Previously, these concepts were considered in linguistics, psychology and philosophy, today they have become popular among cultural scientists, and art historians. A theoretical analysis of the concept of “frame” allows us to conclude that a frame is a fragment of a person’s memory, representing knowledge about a particular cultural phenomenon.

Personal maturity: A research model in the context of an event approach

Introduction. The problem of personal maturity, its criteria and mechanisms of achievement, acts as one of the significant and urgent problems in modern psychological science. A large number of scientific papers are devoted to the interpretation and definition of this concept, the search for its content and structural elements. Theoretical analysis. Based on the systematization of theoretical material, the author builds a model for the analysis of personal maturity (in the context of the event approach).