Tolerance: Approaches to the Problem

Article presents various approaches to the problem of tolerance: in context of special natural qualities of the personality, or assimilated into the educational process, as a characteristic of interpersonal relationships in small groups as a principle of social interaction within the framework of the philosophy of liberalism. Current methodological approaches to the problem are highlight.

The Idea of Justice and Citizenship in Modern Russia

The article analyzes the relationship between citizenship and understanding of justice in modern Russian society. Justice plays a decisive role in the behavior of citizens and the specifics of their civic positions, therefore the research in this area is always relevant. The study is based on the Freudo-Marxist approach, and is carried out by means of the method of critical philosophical reflection. The main attention is focused on the specifics of Russian citizenship in terms of the dominant ideals.

Love and Justice in the Ethical Field of Modern Philosophy Discourse

The given article is dedicated to the analyses of christian spiritual love and profane earthly justice taken as two central ethical principals. The author comes to conclusion that the concept of christian love does not lose its' moral and ethical significance. This concept does not make invaluable relative and conventional justice but gives it ontological weight and guarante