The ontological beginning of fantasy

Introduction. The article presents the ontological aspect of fantasy as a form of scientific knowledge. The concept of the role of normative scientific and cognitive structures and creative cognitive potential, which has ontological roots, in scientific knowledge is being developed. The study is conducted using works on the history and philosophy of science. The focus is on factors that are immanent to science and external to it, capable of not only influencing scientific activity, but also leading to a change in the types of rationality. Theoretical analysis.

Development of students' cognitive abilities in the conditions of the university meta-educational space

The article analyzes the role of imagination as a cognitive ability in preparing students to carry out prognostic activities in the conditions of the meta-educational space of a pedagogical university. The goal is to substantiate a new vision of such a psychological property of the human psyche as imagination in the educational process while preparing students for prognostic activities. The methodological basis of this approach in our study is Kant's idea of three components of human knowledge: feelings, imagination and thinking.