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The Genesis of Upbringing Traditions in the Family of Russian Emperors in 18th – early 20th Centuries

The article deals with an analysis of the formation and development of the upbringing traditions of the elite of the blood combining with the formation of spiritual, ethical and intellectual elitism of an individual formed in the emperor family in the 18th – early 20th centuries in Russia.

Female education of the upper and middle classes in the 17th century England

In England the traditions of female education were formed over the centuries, and have survived to the present day. First of all, many educational institutions in England adhere to the idea of separate education of boys and girls, which serves a better education, according to school leaders. The most powerful argument in favor of separate education of boys and girls remains the same as it was one or two hundred years ago – boys and girls are more focused on learning being apart from each other.

Problem of a Family and Family Education in the Russian Historical and Pedagogical Heritage

In article problems of a family and family education to which addressed
in the works as outstanding teachers – K. D. Ushinskiy, P. F. Lesgaft,
P. F. Kapterev, and public figures – N. V. Shelgunov, L. N. Tolstoy,
N. I. Pirogov are considered. Family upbringing is of great importance
in historical development of society as a family, being the first and
most significant conductor of social influence for the child, enters it
into all variety of the related relations, a family life, causing these or