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Problem of a Family and Family Education in the Russian Historical and Pedagogical Heritage

In article problems of a family and family education to which addressed
in the works as outstanding teachers – K. D. Ushinskiy, P. F. Lesgaft,
P. F. Kapterev, and public figures – N. V. Shelgunov, L. N. Tolstoy,
N. I. Pirogov are considered. Family upbringing is of great importance
in historical development of society as a family, being the first and
most significant conductor of social influence for the child, enters it
into all variety of the related relations, a family life, causing these or

Responsibility as a quality of personality: Essence, formation, significance

The article discusses the significance of responsibility in providing safety of the environment surrounding the person. The problem is caused by the contradiction between the human need for security and impossibility in many cases to satisfy it because of inadequate fulfilment of the duties by employees. The purpose of the article is to outline the ways of solving this contradiction by pedagogical means. The methodological basis of the research is systematic, activity-based, and subject-subject approaches.

Structure of group subjectivity of the family

The author’s approach to the problem of the structure of subjectivity of the family as a group is presented. For the first time, the subjectivity of the family is revealed as a dynamic socio-psychological property, in the structure of which the following are distinguished: the possibility, readiness and ability of the family to be a subject. The possibility of being a subject is expressed in the family potential, which creates the prospect for the family to acquire the status of a group subject.

Marxism as a part of the androcentric tradition: The feminist superstructure and the androcentric base

Androcentrism continues to be the basis for modern thinking, and the comprehension of its manifestations in the philosophical tradition appears to be a necessary step to change this situation. The purpose of this work is to analyze the theory of K. Marx for its androcentrism, to identify its significant provisions based on it. The analysis is built around testing how the “general” statements of Marx reflect women’s experience, how they are woven into the whole of the theory and how much they are substantiated by it.

Parent-Child Relations and Development of a Child as a Future Adult Family Member

Parent-child relations play a key role in the development of a child as a future adult family member. The object of our research is formation of parent-child relation systems in children. The aim of our research is to find out the dependence between parent-child relations and the formation of future parenthood of children. To study this we used PARI methods and a parent-child relations test.

Retrospective Analysis of the Phenomenon of Childhood: Social-Philosophical Aspect

Social and philosophical analysis of childhood in his retrospective dynamics encompasses two fundamental social and philosophical issues — the formation of the individual and the family. The article highlights the results of a study of the phenomenon of childhood using genealogical, psychoanalytic and civilizational approaches.