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Art in Intellectual Aerial of the Modern Society

In the article «Art in intellectual aerial of the modern society» is produced trial of the inspecting art as the one of the factors which is directing development of the society. The factors lost their meanings. Appealing to the moment of the appearing of the creating efforts of the human, the author does the conclusion that those efforts appeared on the special basis of the attitude human with the world.

Motivation of the Professional Development of Future Teacher- Psychologists under the Conditions of Informatizatsii of the formation

The subject matter of the article is the problem of professional motivation development of the intending teachers in the field of psychology in the frame of education informatization. Ac cording to the suggested motivation model of the use by the teachers - psychologists of informa tion technologies in the context of meaningful learning in the content area, two basic motivation vectors have been singled out: the formation of the psychological readiness of the intending teachers to the activity under study.

Reseach of the Younger Teenagers Intellectual Qualities under the Developing Effect to their Emotionally-Volitional Sphere

The interrelations between the emotional, volitional qualities and intelligence quotients of the younger teenagers are studied. During three years we carry out the experiment in diagnostics and development emotionally-volitional sphere of schoolchildren of 9?12. The correlative and factorial analysis of the received psychodiagnostic results, which was obtained before and after experiment, was used. The diagnostic and correctional-developing methods are presented.

Development of Descriptive Principle in the History of Pedagogics

The paper considers evolution of main points of view on descriptive principle in the History of Pedagogics.


The Particularity of Development of Educating Teachers in the Saratov Region in the Nineteenth and the Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries

The article is about one of the most important problems in the system of the Russian Education in the nineteenth century - educating teachers. The development of educating teachers in the Saratov region in the nineteenth and in the beginning of the twentieth centuries is paid much attention. There were some educational establishments of the Saratov region last centuries in which teachers were prepared and were educated in the professional level. The basic aims and important tasks of the process of educating teachers in the Saratov region are indicated in the article.

Problematization of a Question of Rationality in Scientific Research of Karl Marx: Historical and Philosophical Bases of Philosophy of Science

The article is devoted to consideration of problems of rationality in Karl Marx’s philosophy. The analyzed list of problems of scientific rationality includes the problems of logic, methodology and axiology of social and economic researches. The research for a dialectic method of idealistic philosophy and anthropological thinking precedes the historical novelty of dialectics-materialistic methodology of Marxism. It promoted creation of the complete concept of essence of the person, socio-historical process.

Personality Development as an Ideological Illusion of the Idea of Progress

The article is devoted to the topic of personal development in the idea of progress. This idea has always reflected in its content the concept of irreversible, linear and universal development as a movement from lower to higher. In this context, most studies on this topic considered the thesis of the inevitable, guaranteed, permanent and upward development of the personality as an axiom.

Learning Motivation as a Factor in the Development of Intellectual Abilities of Younger Adolescents

The article is devoted to the impact of learning motivation on the development of intellectual abilities. The author describes the structure of learning motivation and gives a brief description of its main structural components (needs, motives, targets, formation of learning activities, interest in learning, and emotional condition). Educational-cognitive motives are highlighted as the most appropriate learning activities. The article considers the factors affecting the formation of positive learning motivation among students.

Determination of Peculiarity of Formation and Development of Culture Military Safety Russian Society

The article is devoted to the analysis of influence of some determinants on peculiarities of formation and development of culture of military safety of the Russian society. The author accounts for spatiotemporal, natural and climatic, spiritual factors. The first of them positively influenced on unity of Russian army and average citizens. It led to strengthening of conscience – everybody understood that military safety was a general problem.

Development of Creative Abilities of the Future of the Journalist in the Process of Professional Preparation

The article is devoted to the problem of development of creative abilities of the future of the journalist in the process of professional preparation, the activation of its creative potential as a factor of personal and professional self-development of the student. A special emphasis on the theoretical ideas about the essence and the structure of the creative potential of the person of the journalist as a complex, multifaceted concept, which combines the personal reserve of the capacity and capabilities.