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Health as an Ontological Phenomenon

Phenomenological analysis of health is presented in article and main ontological properties of health are discussed. Universality of health as natural and social phenomenon is shown. Author’s definition of health is given.

Social Psychological Genesis of «Self» from the Standpoint of the Philosophy of Social Interactionism

This publication considers the explanation of the consciousness and «self» genesis offered by G. H. Mead through a gradual development during childhood of a capability to assume a part of the other and to visualize own behaviour from the viewpoint of the others.

Principles of the evolutionary modelling in the research of the development of professional education

Introduction. Modelling is an important step in the analysis of a complex system functioning. It allows to define how the elements of the system are joined together, how they function; and to plan the directions of their development in the future. Traditionally two types of modelling are used in pedagogical research, verbal and conceptual ones. The former is the verbal expression of the ideas; the latter is their graphical mapping.

Personal maturity: A research model in the context of an event approach

Introduction. The problem of personal maturity, its criteria and mechanisms of achievement, acts as one of the significant and urgent problems in modern psychological science. A large number of scientific papers are devoted to the interpretation and definition of this concept, the search for its content and structural elements. Theoretical analysis. Based on the systematization of theoretical material, the author builds a model for the analysis of personal maturity (in the context of the event approach).