Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Replication of Consumer Socio-Cultural Practices in the Contemporary Society

The article is devoted to the research of consumerism as sociocultural practice. It is shown that consumerism has a feature of autoreplication. Consumer ethic tends to homogenise socio-cultural practices of contemporary men, which leads to the identity crisis and sufficient change of their subjectivity

Motherhood as a factor of the comprehension of life in the realities of a consumer society

Modern society is focused on a prestigious-status consumption, material values are cultivated in it to the detriment of spiritual ones, the meaning of life becomes unclear, a person falls into an “existential vacuum”. Consumer tendencies can be contrasted with love in its various manifestations, including one of the strongest – motherly love. But in modern realities, motherhood is faced with the devaluation, belittling of its role.