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cognitive strategy

Cognitive Aspect of Transaction Expenses

It was pointed in this research that implementation of certain cognitive strategy in the situation of economic interaction is associated with subject’s occupational efficiency. Jointly with cognitive approach, main point usage of institutional theory of transaction expenses allowed to assume that the expenses decrease is connected with cognitive cavitations’ strategy. The research results do not contradict assumption.

Cognitive Strategy: Phenomenology

To characterize psychological processes occurred while understanding and remembering a text, the conception of empirical logic as it is understood by N. A. Vasiliev can be applied. The analysis of the metacognition procedure, conducted using the models of the training texts, has shown that certain phenomenological manifestations are characteristic for expansion and deepening as the main cognitive strategies.

Cognitive Strategies Drift in Political Communication

The cognitive basis of the political communication is the alteration of the learning activity pattern in the process of a political text perception. The main factor of the alteration is the cognitive strategies drift. The drift takes place when the balance of the expansion strategy and the deepening strategy in the understanding process of the communication content changes.