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Archetypal images of a leader

Introduction. The article examines the archetypal images of the leader, reveals the concept of the archetype of the leader, shows the image of the leader in the context of different historical and cultural epochs. Theoretical analysis. The analysis of key sources on the topic was carried out, the theory of the archetype and the collective unconscious of K. Jung was chosen as the methodological basis of the research.

Archetype and the Sense of Culture

This article is dedicated to studying of the correlation of archetype and sense from the point of view of philosophy. The main idea of this article: archetypes can be the psychological basis for the generation of the culture as phenomenon.

Social Mythology in Russia: on a Way from an Archetype to Social Technology

In article considers the modern Russian social mythology, allocats the basic archetypical elements and the most widespread mythological plots, a role of social rituals during their realization. The analysis of technological methods of myth-constructing shows weak and strong sights of the approach in social management. The author pays separate attention on a problem of opposition of public consciousness to manipulations for archetypical structure of social myths.

Freedom and Responsibility in the Context of Consciousness Evolution: Synergetic Analysis

The main subject of the article includes the characteristics of the evolution of consciousness and culture in general from the standpoint of the synergetic philosophy of history exploring the evolution of complex socio-cultural systems, the processes of selforganization at the phenomena level (non-equilibrium, bifurcation) and at the level of essence (selection, super-selection).