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Adaptive Features of Professional Formation of Cadet-Pilot

The article discusses the characteristics of adaptation of the Cadetpilot during the professional formation, exposed types, mechanism and indicators for adaptation. It argues that the development of the individual comes through three phases: adaptation, differentiation, integration.

The Concept «Disease Situation» – Objektive and Subjective Components

The article examines the phenomenon of disease. The author thinksthat this phenomenon is a complex system of many reasons with factors, influencing each other. That means that it is necessary toanalyze total combination of the person’s development conditions, theobjective social situation of development (L.S. Vygotsky), which putthe person into chronic somatic disease.The author has worked out and approved the concept of the diseasesituation.

The Metasystem Analysis of School Adaptation

In article the phenomenon of school adaptation from the point of view of the system and metasystem approach is analyzed. Allocation of subsystems of school adaptation is proved. The system of adaptation of pupils to training at school is presented as a part more the general system. The filling of a highest level of development of system of school adaptation - metasystem level is opened.

Perception of Conditions Health and Illness as the Analoque of Adaptive Strategy

The subjective perception of experience of health and illness which depending on expressiveness alexithymia is considered in article. The author offers the description of two basic strategy of experience of these conditions: active and passive. The revealed features elaborate representations about an internal picture of health and illness as the uniform adaptable process realizing both of form: the self-attitude and the attitude to the world; at the same time this process is a part of adaptable potential of the person.

Psychological Features of the Students Studying at Pedagogical Specialties with the Dominance of Negative Emotions in an Examination Situation

Interconnections of different psychological characteristics of a personality with features of emotional sphere becoming apparent in an examination situation were revealed. It was shown that students with different side of emotions have specific unfavorable personality psychological features.

On the Role of Social Networks in the Adaptation of Foreign Students to a New Educational Environment

The article is timely because of the challenges that modern Russian system of higher education faces in the field of enrollment and training international students. The aim of the article is to study the possibilities for creating friendly educational environment for international students in a Russian university by the active use of social nets.

The possibilities of the highlands in optimizing the condition of athletes

The objective of the research is to study the influence of restorative motor mode at the high altitude on functional condition of the sportsmen body during their stay in the mountains and the subsequent readaptation period. Materials and methods. Ten male sportsmen, whose specialization was medium and long-distance running took part in the research. The research was conducted in Bishkek during the 3-week stay in highlands (2350 m) and after their return to the foothills.

Theological education as a basic factor of socialization and the formation of value orientations in a dynamically changing society

In a dynamically changing society, the problem of the formation of value attitudes and the preservation of traditions is one of the main and paramount issues for the construction of social relations. State policy aimed at constructive interaction of various institutions responsible for socialization is a guarantee of the stability of social relations themselves.

Diachronic Approach to the Study of the Processes of Social-Psychological Adaptation of Personality

The paper analyzes the possibility of a diachronic approach to the study of the processes of socialization and social-psychological adjustment. In article offers a description of the unit of analysis, the determinants and criteria diachrony and synchrony in the adaptation of the individual and environment interactions. The article examines the role and the ratio of processes of unbalance and coordination in the system person – environment.

Multidimensionality of Modeling of Youth Socialization

The article analyzes methodological and theoretical reasons for construction of multidimensional model of socialization of young people. The author assumes that the methodological treatment of the categories of activity, communication and self-awareness allow for adequate measurement of the process of becoming a social individual. On this basis he identifies theoretical resources of social, political, synergistic and cybernetic models of young people socialization, proving the acceptability of the process of their synthesis in the multivariate model.