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межличностное взаимодействие

Compassion and kindness as different scenarios of pro-social behavior of the person

Introduction: the relevance problem of differentiating modes of prosocial behavior is substantiated and the main goal is determined: to identify differences in the recognition and experience of modes of prosocial behavior among psychology students and the role of subjective well-being of the person in them.

Theoretical-Experimental Bases of Socio-Emotional Cultures Formation of Orphan Adolescent Personal Culture

An attempt to consider socio-emotional development of adolescents, brought up out of family, from the point of view of socio-emotional culture on basis of cultural-historical theory was undertaken. The methodological basis of factor analysis and development conditions of socio-emotional cultures of orphan adolescent in educational environment is presented here. The direction and logic of experimental investigation was define. The factors, influencing on success of socioemotional culture development of interpersonal relations were characterized.