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Современная  эпоха  –  это  эпоха  быстрых  изменений,  форми-
рования  ценностей,  отличных  от  предыдущих,  формирования 
человека иного типа. Объектом исследования статьи становит-
ся человек будущего. Перспективы и риски становления новой 
реальности – виртуальной – скрывают опасности другого рода 
– опасности потери человека. Появляющиеся его характеристи-
ки  как  техночеловека,  киберчеловека  содержат  существенную 
особенность – зависимость человека нового типа от технических 

Phenomenon of Alienation as Attribute of Globalization: Cultural Aspect

In clause the socially-philosophical analysis of modern integration processes in which basis the idea of total association of people by means of new information technologies lays is spent. Computer networks, the Internet, cellular communication, acting, on the one hand, powerful means of the communications, promote virtualization of social life, substitution of real dialogue, loss of true social communications.

Internet-technology as a Human Body Extension: Social-Philosophical Analysis

The purpose of the paper is to give social-philosophical analysis of contemporary Internet-technologies which form human digital environment and determine their communication means, behavior styles, living activity, intellectual progress. General tendency to transgression and convergence within sociocultural, economic, political processes, which are properly revealed in digital domain, is what we encounter nowadays. The problem at issue is quite urgent for the reason that today a person in developed countries depends on virtual technologies.