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Sophia as a World Soul in the Worldview of Russian Sophiologists and Gregory of Narek

The article is devoted to the analysis of the image of Sophia the Wisdom of God as a World Soul, which is the focus of the all-unity concept of Russian religious philosopher Vladimir S. Solovyev – the founder of Russian Sophiology.

The concept of “heart” in Old Irish church literature: The case of the Apgitir chra?baid

This paper attempts to analyze the instances and contexts of the use of the concept “heart”, which is the key concept for Christian anthropology, based on the material of Old Irish church literature, namely, on the treatise Apgitir chra?baid.

The Use of Rhetorical Topics in the Text of the Gospel

The article considers the aspects of reciprocity of rhetoric and missiology. Many rhetoric aspects of the Holy Scriptures can be found in the Bible, but they experience certain transformation. The text of the Bible is particularly examined in order to find out different rhetorical constructions. This analysis is based on Aristotle’s works, devoted to topics and rhetoric. Such an approach to the Holy Scriptures from the point of view of the Orthodox Theology research is innovative and hasn’t been applied before.

The Bible in the religious and philosophical works of N. S. Arseniev: Mystical experience

The article traces the formation of the mystical experience of Nikolai Sergeevich Arseniev (1888–1977) on the basis of the memoir book “Gifts and Encounters of the Life Path” (1974), and the stages of his consideration of biblical studies. The analysis of Arseniev’s exegetical work “The Religious Experience of the Apostle Paul” (1935) is proposed. He was one of the Russian thinkers in whose writings the Holy Scripture occupied a central place, and almost all of his religious ideas grew out of New Testament books, and biblical concepts.