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The Teaching of Maximus the Confessor about the Logoi and Tropoi

Kamenschikov Denis Alexandrovich, Saratov State University

The article examines the teaching of Maximus the Confessor about the logoi and tropoi and observes the usage of the main principles of this teaching for the theoretical basis of Orthodox Missiology (Ministry Studies). The author emphasizes that the main problem of development of Missiology as a theological discipline is the lack of proper theological base, which is necessary for understanding the principles and logic of dissemination of God’s word within society. The author claims that the teaching about the logoi and tropoi can cast the light upon this problem and help us to explicate new ideas for the course of missionary work (of the Russian Orthodox Church), and successfully integrate Missiology in other theological and academic systems. As Maximus the Confessor implies, all things and phenomena exist in the world in their accordance with God’s logoi (i.e. ideas) and appear in the world as tropoi. God’s Logos is the source of preaching the Gospel. And tropos – a way of existence of the Logos within the world – is revealed by earthly ministry of Jesus as one of the spiritual mysteries of life. From this perspective, the main task for a scholar in Missiology is to search through the Gospel to find and reveal the tropoi.


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