The figure of Aristotle in the domestic intellectual atmosphere of the 19th century

A researcher dealing with the topic of the presence of Aristotle’s philosophy in the modern Russian space of the humanities is faced with the task of comprehending the origins of the attitude towards Aristotle in the history of Russian science. Aristotle in Russia, unlike Europe, is represented in a rather limited way, and even where he is present, modern Russian philosophy uses a rather narrow layer of thought from his heritage.

Genesis of Russian religious philosophy of the Slavophiles A. S. Khomyakov and I. V. Kireevsky

The article is devoted to the philosophical, religious and world views of A. S. Khomyakov and I. V. Kireevsky. Based on the analysis of the authors’ creative and epistolary heritage, the authors show the ambiguity of their judgment from the point of view of Orthodox theology. The hermeneutic method allowed the author to analyze the primary sources of A. S. Khomyakov and I. V. Kireevsky, their contemporaries and followers from the point of view of Orthodox theology to determine the degree of their compliance with Orthodox doctrine.