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ISSN 2542-1948 (Online)


"Eonotopos" in the Poetical World of Arseniy Tarkovskiy: Problems of Religious-Philosophical Analysis of a Poetical Text

The article is dedicated to the problem of the interpretation of the religious-philosophical text. One of the instruments of the analysis is the category of eonotopos, which is related to the category of chronotopos. The philosophical tradition of Russian lyrical poetry is analysed on the material of Arseniy Tarkovskiys poetry taking in view the transformation of the word in the eonotopos of his poetical world.

Philosophy of Word of Arseny Tarkovsky in Context of Russian Religious Philosophy of Language

The article focuses on the analysis of the poetic word of
A. Tarkovsky. The coincidence of the poetic intuition of A. Tarkovsky
and linguistically-philosophical framework of Russian philosophers
is shown. The kinship of Russian metaphysical poetry and Russian
philosophy based on the Christian ontology testifies to the common
spiritual development of national culture.