symbolic consumption

The Value Basis of the Society of Symbolic Consumption

The article is dedicated to consideration of values in a society of symbolic consumption. Changes in all spheres of society forces people to think about the value basis of their own life. The ethics of hoarding is replaced by the ethics of squandering, and it happens because of the spread of symbolic consumption. Symbolic consumption interacts with the moral sphere of social consciousness, creating new value structure. Therefore we must search personal identity in the space of a society.

Mythological Thinking in Terms of Symbolic Consumption

Mythological thinking and symbolic consumption are closely linked. We have not seen myth at modern stage an archaic relic of the past, but the contemporary models, sets the tone for the development of social relationships between individuals. Myths are generally surround a person, they have retained their property, but their symbols and images are upgraded their content. The article considers the exposure of any person to mythological thinking, which calls for a certain behavior.