Plato’s «soteriology» in the context of classical yoga

Introduction. In the article, the connection between the «soteriological» aspects of philosophy of Plato and the principles of classical yoga presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is considered in the framework of the comparative methodology. The aim of the study is to establish conceptual parallels in the approaches of Plato and classical yoga to solving the issue of the form of the highest spiritual realization of a person. Theoretical analysis.

The concept of “heart” in Old Irish church literature: The case of the Apgitir chrábaid

This paper attempts to analyze the instances and contexts of the use of the concept “heart”, which is the key concept for Christian anthropology, based on the material of Old Irish church literature, namely, on the treatise Apgitir chrábaid. The following cases of using the word “heart” in the studied text are revealed: “love for God in the heart”, “fear of God in the heart”, “purity of the heart”, “simplicity of the heart”, “confession of something in the heart”, “heart as a container of faith” , “heart as the dwelling place of God”, “heart as the place where the Truth is”.