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socio-epistemic arenas

Transdisciplinarity of modern science as a form of social consensus

Introduction. Transdisciplinarity can be reinterpreted from a scientific and philosophical category to a socio-philosophical one by referring to the theoretical constructions of social consensus. In this case, its general social functions are emphasized, which are the social and communication effect of transdisciplinary interactions between science and society. Theoretical analysis. The socio-philosophical analysis of transdisciplinarity is formed in the field of categories of sociality, time, object, truth and values.

Transdisciplinarity in the problematic fi eld of social philosophy: “An exchange zone” vs “a socio-epistemic arena”

Introduction. Transdisciplinarity as a fundamental characteristic of hybrid informal knowledge specific to a digital society can be explicated in the problematic field of social philosophy. Theoretical analysis. The main categorical explication of transdisciplinarity is the comparison of the concepts of an exchange zone and socio-epistemic arenas. The first is defined by the categorical series of the philosophy of science, the second is a socio-philosophical construct.

Socio-epistemic arenas of historical cognition

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of the problem of the production of historical knowledge in the digital age. The author believes that historical science, existing in the paradigm of «Digital Humanities», has acquired a new object of cognition – collective memory, abandoning the study of the past as a non-existent reality in favor of the study of ideas about it. In the multi-channel communication process, the formation of socio-epistemic arenas brings historical knowledge and historical memory together. Theoretical analysis.